Working Song - We can finally begin

Our watch ends and the work begins,

Have your toolkit handy.

Your master toolkit,

Your magi nation,

Your country.

A nation of queens and kings,

Make your thrones and crowns,

Turn your frowns upside down,

Not in joy - not yet.

In resilience and resolve.

To persevere and evolve.

Into your magi nation,

A more perfect union,

My country.

To my nation of one heart and mind,

Sing your new working song:

A queen is a queen without a crown; but a crown means little alone. Keep my crown and make me the ace of hearts. The sun then becomes my hearth; beating light through me. Onto everybody. The heavier your weight, the stronger I get. Withstanding you. Notwithstanding the burden I beget. My responsibility, that weight becomes.

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