Power & Leader

Politics must not be about power but rather leadership. But it has rarely been about leadership & has almost always been about power. This is principally why throughout history great civilizations have collapsed. Power grows like a cancer; it largely builds on the uncontrollable desire to control everything by the force of will - an ambition yet unconquered. Leadership, on the other hand, guides well-intended growth not for a selfish desire to control but for proper administration of the greater good. Leaders put others before themselves, they walk in their followers’ shoes and feel their citizens’ pains; their drive to lead comes from committing to easing those pains. Power mongers put themselves before others. They think personal power is the purpose of politics and in doing so forget to govern. History is riddled with men who’ve sacrificed the greater good to live opulent lives and smothered countless happinesses just to feel invincible. We see so many now.

Rose-tinted tyrants come a dime a dozen.

True leaders emerge, however, seldom and far between - hallowed, worshiped and remembered for their selfless generosity generations after they die. Unappreciated all their lives while they quietly worked towards the general welfare and safety of others. They don’t claim to lead but still we follow them - that's what the world needs now more than ever.

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