Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The role of status quo in a dysfunctional and disparate society manifests as a tool of oppression. At the very peak of society’s degenerative entropy, virtually all established norms become shackles on the mind. They encumber free thought in the guise of standardization and stare decisis to stave the chaos revolutions bring. So on one side of the change paradox lies the dying body of a bound and hardened society that resists change, and on the other the bright and sometimes burning light of free thought and expression. The outcome depends on choice.

The freedom of choice, therefore, forms the foundations of free will. And when that free will gets inherently directed and controlled by the status quo, no choice is truly freely willed. They are prescribed options within constructed paradigms designed to keep free will in check for the sake of a social balance. But when that social balance starts wobbling those constructions develop structurally compromising cracks because of the inconsistencies in the standardized status quo.

So hypocrisy of social order gets exposed for what it really is - a lever of institutional control by a select few over the masses. A veil of normativity to hide nepotism, bias, prejudice, and the great brainwashing machine that weaponizes words into fear to keep power and control for its peddlers. We see that now, laid bare by the crumbling establishments in all disciplines.

The truth: Equality was never meant to be given to the masses. It was only for earth’s goodmen. Or so goodmen thought. But equality is never given. It just is. Trapped in egotistical constructions, it only needs our faiths in ourselves to revive and assert itself. So if nothing else, time and faith in self will always tilt the scales of justice towards what just is over what is forced.

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