Great Liberty

My America will always be the place of my dreams,

A place where I blossomed into my being,

Where joy, pain and suffering wrapped around me,

Raised me, taught me, fed me, led me.

Where I grew, learned, loved and toiled,

Where I brawled with life - my divine becoming.

My America is a place where equality reigns,

Don’t tell me it doesn’t exist; I’ve been it.

Equality is mostly being, asserting, unrelenting,

My America taught me that - to be important.

A place where becoming is real, not only a hope.

Where your reality is yours; made by you, bespoke.

Siberian winds cannot freeze my assertion,

That only fear can do,

Only lies bred within rots the core.

The more you let it, the deeper it bores.

With fake lore made for folks,

Good folks who trust, who work hard,

Who love America, their families and God,

Like sheep to the slaughter

For selfish greed, for vengeance

Using envy and hate as a creed;

But only if I let them.

And I will not.

Because that’s what my Lady Liberty taught:

Come to me all demons of vengeance,

All harbingers of hate, take my bait.

The obese, obscene and the jealous vain

All who get pleasure from others’ pain,


Dissolve into my dream,

Where the love of learning,

Unrelentingly being,

Will even set you free.

To let others be.

And become.

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